Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Rediscovering Quezon City: Eton Centris

       Eton Centris is a development of Lucio Tan's Eton Properties Philippines. It is located at Quezon Avenue, EDSA, Quezon City, north of Manila. It covers an area of 12 hectares (30 acres). Amidst the bustling Quezon City, a new leisure park arises offering dining and entertainment options, offices, and simply a place to relax. Escaping the hustle and bustle of the city doesn't always mean that you need to be out of town where you can actually escape it for a bit inside the city center.

Eton Centris along EDSA
Dining Options

       You will never be hungry here in Centris as this place boasts lots of dining options offering different cuisines. Restaurants like Yangchow, Tokyo Tokyo, Larry and Mau Diner, Shakeys, Chatime, Pancake House, Uncle Cheffy, Soya Bar, Pho'Hoa, My Thai, Asya, Mazza Shawarma, Kuse, Coffea Bean and Tea Leaf, Tong Yang and more can be found here.

Larry and Mau Diner
       The place never gets too crowded, which is good. So if you're that kind of person whose at at ease in a big crowd, then this place is for you.


       As of now, the place has three corporate buildings that house different multi-national companies and contact centers. The place is conducive to work because of its atmosphere, amenities, and the location which just beside the MRT3 Quezon Avenue station, and few minutes away to shopping malls like MS North EDSA and Trinoma.

Uncle Cheffy
       The buildings in the background are corporate offices to companys like HP, Convergys, Expert Global Solutions, GenPact, Wipro and more. I have worked in Wipro for a year by the way so whenever we decided to eat out or have a little drink, we just go here which is at the back.


Giant Umbrellas
        Since the place is not too crowded, the entertainment options are few. These giant umbrellas, which is illuminated by random colorful lights at night, provides a shade to weary visitors from the heat of the sun. Underneath is where mini shows are held. For the kids, they can try bungee jumping, bump car, and ride an electric scooters.


       The place has an event center called Elements. Wedding receptions, press conferences, and other social gatherings are held here.
Elements at Eton Centris

       The place is recommended for family looking for a place to eat and catch up with family members. The place is not that big and grand so going to this place will your family bonding more intimate, more personal, and more fun.

How to get there?

       The place is beside the MRT3 Quezon Avenue Station. So you can ride the train then drop off at this station. Or take a bus at EDSA and tell the driver to drop you off at Eton Centris or MRT3 Quezon Avenue and they already know where to drop you off. And you can always take a Grab.

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