Thursday, August 11, 2016

Rediscovering Oas, Albay: Diwata Imacoto Beach

    I am beyond excited to feature something beautiful about my place of birth, the Municipality of Oas in Albay province. I was born and had grew up in this quaint town. Most of my fondest childhood memories were here. Up above its coastal areas, a paradise is waiting to be rediscovered. It's the Diwata Imacoto Beach in the barangay of Cagmanaba. Its name was derived from the owners surname. With its crystal clear waters, white sand, and tranquil atmosphere, everyone will find it a perfect place to unwind without having to spend that much. The place is under-developed and I must say it is whole lot better that way.  

A Paradise in the West Coast

       There are many good beaches in Albay and  I'm just glad that my hometown had a good share of it. People from all over the town frequented this beach especially during summer. People from neighboring towns have also had experienced this paradise. Given some other amenities and things to do, the place has a really good potential. 

      The place has some basic amenities a beach should have. You can rent their cottage for the whole day for PHP1500 or PHP2000 for overnight stay. This 2 packages both includes an open air cottage for eating and a closed cottage for storing your belongings, bathing, and napping for example. But I'm sure you'll not spend most of your time here because the beach is just so enticing. So leave your things, lock the door, and enjoy the ocean. You  can also request a barbecue grill for free but it'll depends on the availability.  For those who wanted to sing, you can also rent a videoke machine for PHP500. 

Open air cottage
Closed cottage
What to do?
       There are a lot of islets around the place and you can do island hopping to make your stay more memorable. There are a lot of boatman willing to have their boats rented for PHP1500. Of course this is negotiable depending on how many are you in the boat, how far you will go, and how long you'll do the hopping.

How to get there?
       Oas is in the Bicol peninsula, southeast of Luzon. From Manila, you can take a bus from the terminals in Cubao or Pasay and embark on a 10-hour journey to the south. Or, to make life easy, get on a plane to Legazpi City, hail a bus at Legazpi’s terminal and after an hour on the road, hop off at the public market of Oas.

       The jeepney terminal going there is located at the nearby Polangui town at the back of LCC Mall. The ride is about 2-3 hours away. It depends if there are road works along the way. The road to the resort is uphill and winding so you might want to bring some anti-dizziness drug. You'll be inundated with lots of beautiful sceneries en route to Cagmanaba so get your eyes and camera ready.

       So far our stay in the beach was utterly enjoyable. Come visit my hometown and the Diwata Imacoto Beach and I hope you enjoy!  For inquiries you can contact 09122343208/ 09276055744/ 090881155744 and you can also visit their Facebook page. -Jon-


  1. Its highest peak is at the intersection of the boundaries of Abra, Ilocos Norte, and Cagayan.


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