This blog is all about celebrating the ephemeral event called LIFE. Each day that adds up to our lives is also  day less so we should live the day as if it is the last. We should not, however, fret thinking about this and we should savor every moment passing by instead and simply just live life to the fullest. This blog is about travel, foods and places and anything under the sun. Here you can also find all the poetries and proses I wrote and few journals and movie reviews.
       I'm a Customer Service Professional at Dubai International Airport (DXB), Dubai, UAE but a writer by heart. Writing has always been my passion ever since. My ultimate dream is to write my own books someday.

       I was born in Oas, Albay, Philippines in 1992. I graduated at the Bicol University with a degree of BS Computer Science. Before going abroad, I've been a call center agent for companies like Sykes Asia, Wipro and Interglobe Technologies.

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