Sunday, April 10, 2016

Rediscovering Sorsogon: Paguriran Island and Lagoon

       Summer is just around the corner. Everyone is fighting the heat of the sun in every way possible. But nothing beats immersing your body in the cool azure sea. Last summer, me and my friends had chosen the Paguriran Island and Lagoon of Sorsogon City in the Province of Sorsogon, Bicol as our annual summer escapade.
White sand
       We arrived there past 12:00PM and the weather is just so perfect. The place is blessed with fine white sands and crystal-clear waters. There are several native cottages around the area. I hope this place will remains this way so that its beauty will be preserved so the next generation can enjoy it too.

Tent pitching
       There are cottages for just PHP500.00 overnight. Yes! You've read it right. But we brought our own tent for more backpacking experience. And we're lucky to have met a woman while we're on our way here who happens to be one of the caretaker of the resort. She lend us all the cooking materials we need.

      There are many cottages you can rent, from the open air "hut" type to the closed, air conditioned cottages. Some of them come with grills you can cook on, or videoke machines for more family singing fun. There are also several stores nearby where you can buy food and drinks. In our case we already bought all things we need in Sorsogon City.. Bathroom facilities are shared for those renting open air huts.
The lagoon from afar
       The lagoon is few hundred meters away from the shore. If its low tide, you can literally walk towards the lagoon and if its high tide, you can still walk or you can swim through its waist-deep waters. At low tide, the water does not even go past your waist and you can walk to the lagoon a few meters away. There is a boat that can take you to the lagoon during high tide.But since we are all adults when get here, we just walked from the lagoon to the shore.

The lagoon at low tide
       I wasn't able to took a picture of the lagoon after it was filled with waters due to high tide. Trust me. The view is even more stunning. The area is rocky so be wary when doing the diving and jumping.  It was a beautiful sight from the top. The lagoon enclosed by jagged coralline and granite rock walls somewhat looked like a crater of a volcano, while the view of the surrounding bay and the Bacon coastline was a sight to behold.
Islets near the lagoon
       Philippines has 7,107 islands and these islets are one of them. The Paguriran Island resort is a hidden paradise. So when you feel the world is at your back and your heart is at your feet, try to go here.

Mayon Volcano from afar
       The beach is also a place for panoramic sunset. We were able to witness the sun setting in the Mayon Volcano of nearby Albay province. After the whole day of swimming, one can just sit on the shore, lay down, and enjoy the stunning sunset.

Me and Friends
How to get there?
       Paguriran Island was a bit difficult to get to, but definitely worth the travel time once we got there. It is not a place for a romantic getaway or a personal vacation, but definitely a good venue for family and friends. If you're coming from Manila, ride a bus bound to Sorsogon City from Cubao Bus Terminal. This will take you about 14 hours drive. And if you're from Bicol, ride a bus going to Daraga, Albay. There is a bus terminal there bound to Sorsogon City. From Sorsogon, look for the terminal near Petron with jeepneys going to Baranggay Sawanga via Bacon town proper.Tell the driver to drop you off where Paguriran is near.

       This is one of the best summer escapades we had and we can't wait to go back! -Jon-

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