Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Zark's Burger: A Jaw-Dropping Burger Experience

       It seems that giant burgers are the new trend nowadays. Ordinary burgers seem not profitable anymore. Burger lovers are looking for something unique, something innovative, and yes, something worthy to be posted in their Instagram pages. Zark's Burger is one of it. With its extraordinary size and great taste, it has become a favorite hang out for those looking for big appetite. Although it's "putok-batok" ( a slang for those foods with high calories that may induce high blood), everyone loves it and said they'll just lose it some other day.

        Zark's is recommended for those with big appetite. They even have a challenge to those who can eat their biggest burger (Tombstone) in 10 minutes, the burger will be free and they will their picture hang on their Wall of Fame. Interesting strategy but it's not for me. I'd savor eat slowly and savor every second.

       Me and my officemates decided to go to their SM Megamall branch. I ordered Chokeslam for PHP335.00. It is made of Quadruple burger topped with bacon, Spam, egg and lettuce. Their roster of burgers were divided into two categories, "Minor League" and "Major League". The Minor League had your usual burgers that were dressed up with various toppings. Perhaps the most interesting one for me was the Floyd Chicken Burger, which is a burger topped with fried chicken skin, with cheese sauce or BBQ Rhum sauce on the side.

     In the Major League section includes the one I ordered, the Chokeslam. Also in the list are the Deep Fried Burger, Jackhammer, Jawbreaker, Tombstone and more.

       You might want to slow down eating this because true to its name, you might end up choking! They have branches at SM North EDSA, SM Sta Mesa, SM Megamall, Eastwood City, McKinley Hill, Taft Avenue, SM Fairview, SM Bacoor, BF Homes, SM Southmall, and has been continuously expanding. According to their official Facebook page, they are not open for franchise to keep tight control over their operations. It means only several people are managing all the branches.

      To entice customers to keep coming, Zark's has issued a challenge. The challenge is for you to finish devouring the Tombstone burger in 10 minutes. A Tombstome consists of four layers of patties with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, etc. If you succeed, you don't pay P500 and you are included in the Wall of Fame.  The challenge also includes finishing a Jawbreaker in 5 minutes.

My Food Buddies
       Other must try is their other bestsellers such as the Jawbreaker: a triple-patty burger with spam, bacon, tomatoes, greens and cheese sauce, served with a siding of fries and a glass of iced tea or lemonade and the Tombstone: two pound cheeseburger covered with cheese served with 300 grams of fries.

       So there folks, try it out and eat at your own risk. -Jon-

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