Saturday, May 7, 2016

Around Rizal Province in One Day

       The road to Tanay Rizal may be quite long and winding but there's a lot of paradise hidden behind its rolling mountains waiting just for you. Rizal is a province south of Manila and boasts a number of tourist spots. Rizal is recommended if you want a quick weekend getaway without spending too much.

       So it was May 1, Labor Day, when me and my friends decided to explore and rediscover the what Rizal Province has to offer specially the Tanay town.

This blog is about our roadtrip to Tanay and nearby Pillila town. Below are the places of interest we've visited.

1. Pillila Windfarm

       The Pillila Windfarm is located at the top of the hills of Barangay Halayhayin, Pillila, Rizal. We all know that the windmills in Bangui are arranged in a single row facing the West Philippine Sea thus creating a dramatic effect in photos. The 54 megawatts, 27 windmills in Pillila, however, are scattered on top of the mountains and the most you can have as your background in a picture is 3-4. But overlooking the mountainous Rizal plus a view of Laguna de Bay provides a refreshing treat to the eyes if you're from the Metro Manila and have always seen buildings and traffic.

       This renewable energy project of Rizal is operated by Alternergy Wind One Corp in an attempt to reduce electricity cost of the province. Rizal has been continuously promoting tourism and making it as a lucrative investment. Well, I can not deny that Rizal is indeed a beautiful province. Full blog here.

2. Calinawan Cave

       Calinawan Cave offers an ultimate spelunking experience you will never forget. Be mesmerized by its astonishing stalagmites and stalactites while rediscovering its history. Entrance fee is PHP20.00 but a tour guide is required  for PHP200.00. Full blog here.

3. Daranak Falls

         If you're looking for a perfect way to beat the heat, then Darank Falls is for you. Its turquoise waters will entice you swim. The waters cascading from the cliff will make your swimming experience so dramatic. Daranak Falls is open from 8:00AM-5:00PM. Below are the entrance fees and others. We went there on a Labor Day and the place is too crowded. So we just paid the entrance fee and took a photo of the falls. Full bog here.

Adults - PHP50.00
Children -PHP30.00
Picnic Shed- PHP300.00
Picnic Table - PHP200.00

4. Batlag Falls

        Just above the Daranak Falls lies an equally beautiful and less crowded Batlag Falls. Entrance fee is PHP100.00. The place is so peaceful. The rock formations and the cascading waters are a relaxing treat to your eyes. Full bog here.

5. Parola

       This is located at Brgy. San Isidro, on the edge of the Laguna Lake. Parola is "lighthouse" in Spanish.  It serves as a sentinel at night to keep an eye to fishermen sailing through the vastness of Laguna de Bay. At daytime, you can climb up the parola and you'll have a 360-degree view of the lake and the mountains of Rizal. You can even see from here the windfarm from nearby Pillila town. It's not the typical lighthouse if you've already seen one, but its unique beauty and its purpose will inspire you. It may look small at first glance but when we climb up to the top, we were as if at 10th floor of a building and were holding the handrails so tight. Full blog here.

6. Tanay Church

      And to finally thank Him for our safe trip, we made sure to pass by the Tanay Church as our last stop. Tanay Church, is a Roman Catholic church located in the town of Tanay, Rizal Province in the Philippines. The construction of the present church was begun in 1773 and was completed after ten years in 1783. In 2001, it was declared as a National Cultural Treasure Church by the National Commission for Culture and the Arts. It is also among the five Jubilee churches of the Diocese of Antipolo.

       Outside the church is this tree carving. It's one of the two acacia tree in the area but this one dies. But an intelligent idea came up and turns it into a tree carving which since then became a tourist attraction.

      Rizal is indeed a beautiful province.

How to get there?
       It is all our first trip to Tanay and none of us really knows the place but we are excited to get lost. While having your own car is more convenient, commuting is more fun. Let me share how did we get there instead. Ride an FX at Starmall EDSA bound to Tanay, Rizal and drop off at either Jollibee or the Tanay Market. The fare is PHP70.00. Tricycles are all over the place and there are some drivers who will approach you as soon as you get off the van offering their service since they already have an idea where you want to go to. Our initial plan when was to visit Calinawan Cave, Daranak and Batlag Falls. But when the driver offered a package to bring us to all attractions above, we all agreed. We paid PHP300.00 each, we're a group of five. The price is fair enough, for just one day, we were able to explore Tanay and Pillila Rizal. 

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