Friday, September 2, 2016

Rediscovering Dubai, UAE: Jumeirah Open Beach

 “Because there's nothing more beautiful than the way the ocean refuses to stop kissing the shoreline, no matter how many times it's sent away.” 
-Sarah Kay

       Dubai is lucky to have a fair share of good coastline of the United Arab Emirates. Dubai is a very hot city. Locals and tourists alike are flocking into the ocean, the Arabian Gulf, to beat the smoldering heat of the sun. As if the coastline is not enough yet, Dubai had built man-made islands like The Palm and World Islands drastically increasing its coastline up to several kilometers.

       Jumeirah Open Beach stretches more than 7 kilometers along the Arabian Gulf, enough to cool up residents of the most populous city of the Emirates.

       The place is frequented mostly by tourists. With its pristine waters, white-sand, view of the Burj Al Arab, and the city's skyline, everyone will surely enjoy frolicking in waters of Jumeirah Beach. There are several beaches along the stretch of Jumeirah like Kite Beach and Sunset Beach. But I will share to you two perfect spot for swimming. The one is near the Dubai Marina and the other is the one close with the Jumeirah Beach Hotel and the Burj Al Arab.

       In a highly conservative country, this place is where in one can show some skin and flaunt his or her body in swimming trunks or swimsuit. But still, the law still applies. If you don't want to be in trouble, take some time reading what is allowed or not in Dubai.

Jumeirah Beach Residences
       The beach is a spot where nature and modern city meet. The picture above shows residential buildings collectively known as Jumeirah Beach Residences, on the eastern side of Dubai Marina. It offers beach front living at its finest. If I will be buying a condo unit here in Dubai, I would consider this place.

Dubai Marina
       On the western side of Dubai Marina is the photo above that shows the tallest block of the whole complex. It contains towers like the Princess Tower and Cayan Tower which is the 2nd and the 10th tallest residential towers in the world as of this writing . Dubai Marina is an artificial canal city, built along two-mile stretch of Persian or Arabian Gulf shoreline.

      There are beach chairs with umbrellas which I believe are up for rent. And for those who are up to water sports, one can rent a speedboat. A children play area is also available for kids near the Jumeirah Lake Towers. 

Burj Al Arab
       Now let's go to the side of the open beach near the Burj Al Arab. A few years ago, I have been dreaming of having a picture in this beach with the hotel in the background. And when I finally got here, it just feels so amazing. I took hundreds of photographs I believe. Every photo with the Burl Al Arab in the background is just so dramatic.

The world's only 7-star hotel
       The Burj Al Arab is known as the world's only 7-star hotel, built on its own man-made island, and promises each guest a luxury and extravagance they will never forget. The design of this hotel resembles the sail of the ship and has been an icon of Dubai.

Jumeirah Beach Hotel
       Just in front of the Burj Al Arab is this wave-shape hotel called Jumeirah Beach Hotel. Both offers luxury and superb views of the gulf. If you've had enough of the salt water, the Wild Wadi Waterpark is just behind the Jumeirah Beach Hotel.

Burj Al Arab at night
       The Burj Al Arab is more beautiful at night. It comes to life as different colors of led lights are simultaneously being projected upon its exterior offering people from outside the hotel a spectacular display.

Jumeirah Beach Hotel and the Burj Al Arab
       The best thing about  the beach is that it's free and accessible. You will also have the view of skydivers falling from the sky. And shout out to those lifeguards on duty that keep tourists safe so they can have the best swimming experience. For tourists to make the most of their stay in Dubai, this place is must-visit. Catching up with family members or friends can be best done here. And for migrant workers out there like me, this place is a haven and an idyllic setting for de-stressing, trust me! You really don't need to escape the city to get out of its hustle and bustle when the solution is in the city itself. -Jon-

How to get there?

       There are many ways to get to these beaches so let me tell you how did I get there. If you want to go to the beach with Dubai Marina on the background, take the Metro red line and get  off at Dubai Marina Station. Take the Tram, it's like a smaller metro line, and get off at Jumeirah Beach Residence 2 Station. From there, the beach is walking distance.

       If you want to swim near the Burj Al Arab, again, take the Metro red line and get off at Mall of Emirates Station. From there, hail an RTA taxi and tell the driver to drop you off the beach near the Burj. The fare is less than 20AED.


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