Sunday, September 18, 2016

The Spectacular LED Light Display of Burj Khalifa

       Without a doubt, Burj Khalifa is one of the most famous and most photographed building in the world. Not just its height is unprecedented, its design is striking and when the night time comes, it comes to life with its vivid and flashing LED display which became an ultimate attraction in Dubai. Twice I've seen its light display but the amusement in me is still enormous.

       It was Eid-Al-Adha when I watched the show and the whole Dubai Mall and the vicinity is jam-packed with locals and tourists from around the globe. There really is so much diversity in Dubai.  So here they are, the photos on my second visit to the show but this time I am very close to the building. Be mesmerized once more of the spectacular LED light display of the Burj Khalifa.

Just before the show started.
       Even without the dazzling colors, the Burj is beautiful enough as it is with twinkling glitters on it enough to entertain the eyes of the spectators.

       This is the first design that will be displayed. It shows the word EMAAR, the developer of the building and many notable infrastructures and developments in he city.

       In the blink of an eye, the structure turns into bloody red that left the spectators in awe. It's really a sight to behold!

Simple yet so regal

       Then the Burj became rainbow-colored. Really incredible!

       This one looks like a Philippine flag, though.

       No, its not yet New Year! But the Burj Khalifa is wearing polka dots from its base to the tip sharing good luck to everyone.

       Magical! Need I say more?

       This is one of my favorite. It is as if the whole building is refurbished with rainbow-colored tiles. 

       After the show, the crowd, amazed and still wanting more, can't help but to give the Burj Khalifa a round of applause. True enough, it is an icon of the city because it feels like you've never been in Dubai at all if you have not experienced the Burj even though you've actually been in the city. This happens all the time. Working in the airport, passengers with few hours of stopover in Dubai Airport would actually go out of the airport and and even pay for visa to get the chance to see the amazing Burj Khalifa. -Jon-

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