Monday, October 10, 2016

Sheikh Zayed Road: The Beating Heart of Dubai

        I am fond skyscrapers the way how they are built, the way how they soar up in the sky and the way they made up a striking a city skyline. My blog entitled Skyscrapers of Dubai is about famous and head-turning buildings in Dubai that every one should know about.

       I just want to make an entry about the skyscrapers alog Sheikh Zayed Road, the main road of Dubai where most offices and headquarters of local and international companies can be found. I say it's the beating heart of the city because it is where most trades are executed. It is where thousands of people passes through daily.

A view from the World Trade Center

       Seen on the photo above is the elevated ralway of the Metro red line. Most stations are situated strategically along the Sheikh Zayed Road. Getting around the city is easy.

Emirates Towers

Dusit Thani

DAMAC Towers

Rose Tower

Burj Khalifa at Downtown Dubai

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