Thursday, March 23, 2017

Rediscovering Sharjah, UAE

       Almost everyone who visits UAE will probably spend most of their time, if not all, to Dubai. But behind those glitzy skyscrapers of Dubai lie other six Emirates that made up the UAE as a country. Just beside Dubai is an Emirate trying to keep up with what the latter has achieved, the Emirate of Sharjah.

       I find myself wandering around the streets of Sharjah after a job interview and can't help but notice its unspoken beauty. It's a mixture of quaint and modern architecture that depicts Emirati's life in the past and how they manage to rise from the desert sands and jump into modernization.     

       Wandering through its streets I can imagine what life was here before. Sharjah has proven that they too can be a modern Emirate.

       Today, high-rise buildings are teeming the city painting Sharjah a dramatic skyline. Like Dubai, locals are outnumbered by expatriates. Since rent here is cheaper than Dubai, some labor accommodations  of companies from the latter are situated here. Other private individual who works in Dubai are also lured into this Emirate to find their homes.

       Sharjah has everything like what Dubai has to offer. It may not be as grand and massive but it is good enough to cater the needs of its residents. Malls, shopping centres, and other leisure and recreational facilities are everywhere.

       There's more to UAE than just Dubai. To have a total UAE experience, one must at least explore the other six Emirates. To date, I have had explored four Emirates and I must say that UAE is a beautiful country with a great mix of everything . -Jon-

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