Monday, April 17, 2017

Agemono: Al Karama's Budget-Friendly Buffet

       After a failed attempt of getting a new job somewhere in Al Karama, instead of frowning, me and my best buddy decided to look around the vicinity to fill our empty and sad stomach. We were so upset that time and we both agreed that only food can do the pampering. Al Karama after all is known spot in Dubai where a wide range of budget-friendly yet sumptuous foods can be found. We passed by several food stalls but was drawn to Agemono, a buffet restaurant that offers teppanyaki, sushi, and Filipino cuisines.

       I did a little bit of research and found out that there are several branches of Agemono in Dubai as well as in the other Emirates. Our focus is this one in Al Karama which I find so cozy enough from the time we entered its doors. It can accommodate around 40 persons at a time suited for small and medium gathering. It feels home inside actually because of the way the interior was designed plus the background OPM music which will definitely take you back home. I am not sure if this is Filipino-owned. The staffs are welcoming and I think they are friendly enough.

       The foods are sumptuous I must say and fare enough for the price. While the buffet thing is their bestseller, there's a wide range of choices for you below. 

       Their 'eat-all-you-can' is on a daily basis and will cost you AED49 but if you go here from 10AM-4PM and from 10PM-11PM (Sunday-Thursday), you can get the same deal for AED29.

How to get there?
       The nearest Metro is the ADCB Station (Red Line).From there (Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed St), walk towards the Kuwait St until you reach Al Attar Centre (just beside Karama Centre) which will take you around like 12 minutes.

       I wonder why it took me 11 months before finally trying the foods in Karama. A lot of my friends have been there already and have nothing but good words about the food scene there but I just couldn't find any reason to go. I guess I should thank that company where we applied for work which made us upset. It's because of them that we discovered Agemono. -Jon- 

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