Thursday, May 11, 2017

15 Stunning Mobile Photos of the Dubai Water Canal

       Sunny summer day it was, a dear friend of mine who was on a short vacation asked me to bring him to a place that I like the most. Well, having been writing about Dubai for a year now, I can't think easily where to go on that time since I've seen much of Dubai. But wait, I still have work on the evening so I chose to bring him to the Dubai Water Canal and he agreed after quite setting his expectations. The latter is an ultra-modern waterway furnished with striking architecture to keep up with Dubai's sophisticated lifestyle. Intricately-designed bridges, luxury yachts, and superb view of the downtown make Dubai Canal a haven for social media enthusiasts, if not addicts. And if you have some thoughts to ponder or seeking a less crowded place to loosen up, let the 15 photos below help you decide. Here we go, friends!

How to get there?
       The nearest Metro is the Business Bay Station. Just simply get off the train and proceed to South exit. The canal is about 5 minutes walk from the station.

       Dubai never fail to amaze me, the world rather, in becoming a premier tourist destination offering state of the art attraction like the Canal and continuously making ambitious projects the world has never seen before. I can't wait for Dubai future projects and share it on this blog. -Jon-

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