Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Dubai Desert Safari

       It's been a year since I first set my feet in a foreign land called the United Arab Emirates. Although I knew back then what environment is waiting for me, the transition quite took a while. I had to be use to its people, language, food, weather, and more. Times have gone by and I learned to embrace the so called Arabic culture. I thought I had experienced enough but not until I've done the Desert Safari where in I experience the Arabic culture at its best. It is in my bucket list by the way so time to tick it off and let my shenanigans begin! 

Dune Bashing
     We reached the desert safari camp at around 4:30 PM and the weather is extremely hot but I find it perfect for the adventure. We are a group of 15 people and by the time we reached the place, we were divided into 3 groups to do the first adventure - the dune bashing! It's a one hell of a ride through the sand dunes that kept our hearts pumping rapidly for more than five minutes. The van was filled with shouting and giggling all the time.
Quad bikes
Camel Riding
       I've seen a camel before and I knew I want to ride on it someday. So I made sure I'm not going to miss the camel riding thing in the desert safari. I can imagine how tough camels are just traversing the desert where in weather can either be very hot or very cold. Before Dubai has the Metro or luxury cars as a means of transportation, they have camels first. All hail the camel!

I'm a Falconer
       Arabs are fond of falcons as I've seen photos of them on the internet. When I went to Dubai Museum months ago, I've seen falcons too as a representation of their lives in the past. There is this one Arab man in the safari who offered his falcon to me for a photo opportunity for AED 10.00. I took the offer because I think it was fun. No regrets! It was fun indeed. You can tell how happy I am in the photos below.

Main entrance of the camp

Souvenir shops


Barbecue Dinner
       At around 7:00PM, the dinner was served. There are a lot of choices from vegetable dishes, salads, pasta, barbecues and more. Maybe I am just hungry at this time but the food was good and sumptuous enough that I enjoyed it.

Belly Dancing, Tanura, Fire Dance Shows
       This is the part of the safari experience that I enjoyed the most. Like every country, UAE too has a rich culture to show the world. It starts with the belly dancing show and I think most of us already have an idea about it. After her performance, she invited some audiences to dance with her on stage.
Belly Dancing
Tanura Show
       It was followed by the Tanura Show. There is this one Arab guy with a huge costume and start ed rotating non-stop for the next 5 of more minutes and not even showing signs of dizziness. It's crazy! He then began stripping some parts of his costume and revealing some props to spice up his show. On the latter part of his routine, his costume was lit up with led lights and it was just so good to see. In the end, he ask some audiences to try what he has done. It was eventually followed by the fire dance show and I must say it was the highlight and the best among the three shows.

       It was past 8:00PM when the show was finished. Our operator assisted us back to our bus and we headed back to the same place where we were picked up. I enjoyed it and is just worthy of the price. Immersing yourself to Arabic culture can be best done via Desert Safari. Really unforgettable! -Jon-

How to book? 

       The company is called Royal Adventure Travel & Tourism. Different groups of people came from different travel agencies and tour operators based on my observation. I found a page on Facebook named Safari in UAE offering a desert safari experience for AED 65.00. You can contact them at 0506551888. Once you contact them, you should received these following details:

Pick up time:       14:30 -15:15
Drop off time:      21:00 - 21:30

       Next to Burjuman Center, there is Spinneys Supermarket. The operator will be there at the back entrance of Spinneys to confirm the names on the list and to collect your payments. Then a bus will pick you up and drop you at the desert safari camp.


  • Desert Dune Bashing
  • Sunset Photograph Opportunity
  • Camel Riding
  • Henna Designing, 
  • Shisha / ‘Hubbly Bubbly’ Smoking Facility, 
  • Arabic Dress Photograph Opportunity /
  • Belly Dance Show / Tanura Show /  Fire Dance
  • Buffet BBQ Dinner with Veg & Non Veg Dishes
  • Free water and soft drinks

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