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[PhotoBlog] Dubai Marina

Dubai Marina is one of the largest and most luxurious marina in the world. This is one of my favorite spot in the city and the pictures below are the reasons why.

How to get there?
       Take the Metro Red Line and get off at DAMAC Station.

Dubai Global Village: Your Window to the World

All of us badly wants to travel the whole world but for some reasons, we weren't able to do so just yet. Maybe we're just to caught up in our jobs and have no time to do so or maybe we just can't because financially  we can't. If traveling is free, nobody would see me again. Sounds funny isn't it? Does this means leaving all my loved ones for the sake of seeing the beauty of the world? Fortunately, that's not the case. For me, this means that there's so much wonderful things to see in this world that even a lifetime would not be enough. At the age of 24, I had been to two countries only: my home country (of course) the Philippines and the United Arab Emirates where I used to work. How unfortunate!

       I have always dreamed of rediscovering the world but I have to put it aside first because I have my priorities. And then I discovered this place called Dubai Global Village. True to its name, this place has replicas of some of the world famous landm…

Rediscovering Dubai, UAE: Water Canal

Just last October 2016, another ambitious project was inaugurated in Dubai, the Dubai Water Canal. It's an artificial waterway linking Business Bay to the Arabian Gulf. From then on, I've always wanted to pay a visit to this newest attraction of the already attractive Emirate of Dubai. It's winter already here and the cool breeze is so inviting for a stroll so I thought now is the perfect time. I went there at around 7:00PM and alas! there was glitz, glamour and magic.

       This project is so massive it's like creating a real river in a blink of an eye. As per the developer of this project, the width ranges from 80 meters to 120 meters. It will be six meters deep and be crossed by eight meter high bridges. Now that's too much excavation works!
       One of the noticeable features of the canal are these beautifully designed bridges to let motorists and visitors pass by on either side. I found these two bridges below which are definitely stunning to…