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It's a Wrap | My 1 Year in Dubai in 12 Photos

One year khalas! Khalas is an Arabic expression which means finish or something was finished or done and it can also be used to end a conversation or a particular thing like "I don't want t talk to you, khalas!" But wait, I want to talk to you. You get the idea, right? Yes, one year had passed and I'm trailing on my other year to finish my initial  2-year contract here in Dubai and most likely be going back home for vacation, or go home for good, or may not be able to finish the contract and find another job, I still don't know, to be honest. But hey, look at how times have gone by! I could still remember my first day here and couldn't help it but to look back at my past 12 months of stay here. A stay full of struggle, yearning, nostalgia, homesickness and all the negative emotions you can think of. On the other hand, the past 12 months were filled with amazing experiences and adventures I'll take back home with me and will forever be etched in my hear…