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La Mer Dubai

Few months ago, part of the Jumeirah Beach was closed to the public because a new development was being furnished, much to the disappointment of many, myself include. Just recently, Dubai’s newest beachfront hotspot named “La Mer” was opened to the public eager of what this new development has to offer. La Mer simply means “The Sea” but the sea itself is only the icing of the cake as this new development has more to offer than just swimming and basking in the sun according to some blogs I read.

       With the emirate’s vast shoreline, beachfront hubs seem to be the trend and every other project is different to the other so I can’t wait to see it for myself.

       Me and my good friend Florence decided to pay the place a visit. Initially, we just want to see those wall arts in there we’ve seen on Instagram and take photos as usual and it’s only a stone’s throw away from downtown so we headed there.


Wall Arts Our eyes feast on the so many wa…

1 Dirham Abra Ride | Creekside, Old Dubai

"We are not makers of history. We are made of history." -Martin Luther King Jr.-
       How far can your one dirham go? Well, you can buy a bottle of water to quench your thirst. That's one thing. You can also buy a chai and pair it with another dirham worth of cheese samosa or a plain parata as your snacks. Not bad isn't it? And not so long ago, I can still have a waffle cone vanilla ice cream from Burger King but they doubled the price now after the implementation of VAT across the UAE. It seems like 1 dirham nowadays will not take you far. But what if you cruise the Dubai Creek via the traditional abra for just 1 AED? Why not!

       Payday has come so me and my good friend Florence, who's on the stage of recuperating from a heartbreak, who needed to unwind more than me, decided to try the ride en route to Rolex Tower where we plan to eat later on. We agreed to meet directly in Al Ghubaiba since we're coming from different places. Let's get cruisin'…

Jumeirah Emirates Towers | The Biggest Piano in the World

Of all the many buildings along the Sheikh Zayed Road, the Jumeirah Emirates Towers are probably one of my favorite. The structural height, the form, the elegance, is top-notch. And with it being a twin tower, makes me adore it even more. But wait, I noticed that its window panels resemble a piano. Viewing it from afar, it really looks like a giant one. Take a look at my photos below.
       This has got to be one my most creative shot, ever. Chanelling my inner Beethoven, but a blind one with a thinning hair line. Oh no!
       I took this photo from the Dubai International Financial Centre. This black statue caught my attention although I don't know what it means exactly.

Here's the dabbing and jumping part.

Facts About the Towers        Jumeirah Emirates Hotel Tower, also known as Emirates Tower Two, is a 56-storey hotel in the city of Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The hotel includes 40 luxury suites and is operated by the Jumeirah International Group. Connected with …