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The Golden Dubai Frame

Dubai has recently added a string to its bow as it opened a new and one of a kind landmark that will surely captivate everyone's eye. The Frame adds to Dubai's long list of spectacular landmarks like the Burj Khalifa and the Burj Al Arab to mention some.  The Frame which resembles an actual picture frame is strategically built in a place where in the modern Dubai is on one side, and then the old Dubai on the other side creating a bridge between the past and the present.
       The winter is coming and the temperature is starting to drop to a favorable level so I decided to visit the much-awaited landmark that the Emirate of Dubai had built. Finally, after several delays according to news, this wonderful work of engineering and art is finally done and will sure make headlines and will draw the city's skyline even more astonishing!

Facts about Dubai Frame
       It is in the form of a frame, with two towers of height 150m that are connected by a 93m bridge at the top …

A Day in Dubai Mall

Today I decided to go to Dubai Mall. It's been long time since I last went here that I can't even remember it anymore. It's been a tiring week at work and I needed some de-stressing before I burn out. 

       Up to now, I'm still in awe every time I look at the Burj Khalifa! It's truly a splendid piece of engineering and art shining and shimmering amidst the arid desert of Dubai.
       The Address catched fire 2 years ago and now still stands tall and grandiose near the Burj Khalifa.

     That's all for today! Jeez, I'm running out of words! -Jon-

[PhotoBlog] Deira

It's been a while since I last posted here on my blog. Been through a lot of things, been so caught up in my job, but here you go, photos I took around Deira area with my new Huawei phone.