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Dubai Miracle Garden: A Paradise in the Desert

"After women, flowers are the most lovely thing God has given the world."  -Christian Dior-
       After months of planning, I finally ticked off one of my Dubai bucket list today! And that is to be at the... (drum roll) Miracle Garden! Just in time before this season close at the end of the month, me and my good friend Jen decided to go to the garden which we've been planning already months back.

       We've met at the Mall of the Emirates and from there, we took the bus 105 to the Miracle Garden. It's a 20-30 minutes trip. We reached the garden at around 4:00PM, the sun was scorching, put my glasses on and paid the entrance fee of 40 AED (seriously?!) and we are given a tiny umbrella (how cute!) as a token for us to use against the sun's heat then we start wandering around the garden and took pictures here, there, and everywhere.

       The centerpiece of the garden this season is the replica of an Airbus A380 filled with thousands of flowers. I've see…

15 Stunning Mobile Photos of the Dubai Water Canal

Sunny summer day it was, a dear friend of mine who was on a short vacation asked me to bring him to a place that I like the most. Well, having been writing about Dubai for a year now, I can't think easily where to go on that time since I've seen much of Dubai. But wait, I still have work on the evening so I chose to bring him to the Dubai Water Canal and he agreed after quite setting his expectations. The latter is an ultra-modern waterway furnished with striking architecture to keep up with Dubai's sophisticated lifestyle. Intricately-designed bridges, luxury yachts, and superb view of the downtown make Dubai Canal a haven for social media enthusiasts, if not addicts. And if you have some thoughts to ponder or seeking a less crowded place to loosen up, let the 15 photos below help you decide. Here we go, friends!

How to get there?        The nearest Metro is the Business Bay Station. Just simply get off the train and proceed to South exit. The canal is about 5 minu…

Dubai Desert Safari

It's been a year since I first set my feet in a foreign land called the United Arab Emirates. Although I knew back then what environment is waiting for me, the transition quite took a while. I had to be use to its people, language, food, weather, and more. Times have gone by and I learned to embrace the so called Arabic culture. I thought I had experienced enough but not until I've done the Desert Safari where in I experience the Arabic culture at its best. It is in my bucket list by the way so time to tick it off and let my shenanigans begin! 

Dune Bashing      We reached the desert safari camp at around 4:30 PM and the weather is extremely hot but I find it perfect for the adventure. We are a group of 15 people and by the time we reached the place, we were divided into 3 groups to do the first adventure - the dune bashing! It's a one hell of a ride through the sand dunes that kept our hearts pumping rapidly for more than five minutes. The van was filled with shout…