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[PhotoBlog] Sheikh Zayed Road

Sunny day it was, the skies are clear and the sun is scorching as if telling people to be ready for the summer days to come, I was on my way to my job interview along Sheikh Zayed Road and just couldn't help it but to snap some photos along the way. You all know I am fond skyscrapers, so it was destiny that brought me in this city where buildings are tall, magnificent, and just out of this world.

Agemono: Al Karama's Budget-Friendly Buffet

After a failed attempt of getting a new job somewhere in Al Karama, instead of frowning, me and my best buddy decided to look around the vicinity to fill our empty and sad stomach. We were so upset that time and we both agreed that only food can do the pampering. Al Karama after all is known spot in Dubai where a wide range of budget-friendly yet sumptuous foods can be found. We passed by several food stalls but was drawn to Agemono, a buffet restaurant that offers teppanyaki, sushi, and Filipino cuisines.

       I did a little bit of research and found out that there are several branches of Agemono in Dubai as well as in the other Emirates. Our focus is this one in Al Karama which I find so cozy enough from the time we entered its doors. It can accommodate around 40 persons at a time suited for small and medium gathering. It feels home inside actually because of the way the interior was designed plus the background OPM music which will definitely take you back home. I…

Rediscovering Dubai, UAE: Festival City

Few months ago, a first of its kind laser and water show was heavily advertised on Facebook and from then I knew that I would love to see its first show at Festival City. But for some reasons, work related perhaps, I was not able to attend. Fast forward today, a very good friend of mine brought us to Festival City and finally witnessed the said light show.

       Dubai Festival City is a 1300 acre, premier waterfront urban community that has been designed to keep up with Dubai's dream of being the top city in the world. It offers a rich and vibrant living experience with amenities for shopping, dining, entertainment and leisure. It also boasts residential community with villas, apartments and duplexes. There are two international schools as well as luxury hotels and lots of commercial offices.
       There's so much to Festival City than just the light show. There are shopping mall, restaurants and more. One of the top destination here is none other than the Hard Rock …