Saturday, March 10, 2018

Jumeirah Emirates Towers | The Biggest Piano in the World

       Of all the many buildings along the Sheikh Zayed Road, the Jumeirah Emirates Towers are probably one of my favorite. The structural height, the form, the elegance, is top-notch. And with it being a twin tower, makes me adore it even more. But wait, I noticed that its window panels resemble a piano. Viewing it from afar, it really looks like a giant one. Take a look at my photos below.

The Pianist
       This has got to be one my most creative shot, ever. Chanelling my inner Beethoven, but a blind one with a thinning hair line. Oh no!

Third Party
       I took this photo from the Dubai International Financial Centre. This black statue caught my attention although I don't know what it means exactly.

The Space Between Us

Here's the dabbing and jumping part.

Facts About the Towers
       Jumeirah Emirates Hotel Tower, also known as Emirates Tower Two, is a 56-storey hotel in the city of Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The hotel includes 40 luxury suites and is operated by the Jumeirah International Group. Connected with 54-floor Emirates Office Tower by a retail boulevard, the two towers form the Emirates Towers complex. At a structural height of 309 m (1,014 ft), Emirates Towers Hotel is the smaller of the two sister towers. As of this writing, it is the world's sixth tallest all-hotel building. Construction was completed on 15 April 2000.

How to get there?
       The closest Metro is Emirates Towers station. 

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